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Nori 1#


1 pound

Porphyra umbilicalis

Wild harvested whole plants. Nori is 35% protein. Chew on a piece of nori and there will be aftertastes in your mouth that link it to proteins like fish, chicken gristle, or your own fresh blood when you accidentally cut your finger and suck it. In other words, nori is related to the fascial support system of your body, and it nourishes it. Wild fresh nori is rubbery, elastic, and flexible—like healthy connective tissue. Whenever I have a sprained joint or a wound to heal, I get hungry for nori.


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Aquaculturists who grow nori tuck their nets away in quiet water, and this inevitably leads to pollution from the buildup of petrochemicals floating on the surface of the water, the result of too much boat traffic. There’s simply not enough tidal flush and flow in aquacultural settings to grow the same level of purity and quality as wild nori. Once you’ve tasted wild nori……nori that hasn’t been tampered with…… you won’t go back to using aquacultured nori that has been chopped up and made into paper, then stored in the package for months before coming to market.