Seaweed Soup Mix 1#


1 pound

This is our most popular blend of chopped digitata, kelp and alaria suitable for adding to soups, stews and whole grains. Many people don’t have time for fancy cooking, but they do keep a pot of soup. If that soup contains a variety of seaweeds, the person will be more assured of getting necessary minerals. Think of it this way: 90% of human immunity to bacteria and viruses is “nonspecific immunity” and that simply means that we keep our human bloodstreams well mineralized (alkaline) and salty enough so that whatever bacterial and viral critters crawl into us are literally DEHYDRATED by the ocean we have carried within us since time immemorial. If I were ill, physically or spiritually, I would turn to the sea for my healing, one way or another. In this spirit, I offer the soup mix as a survival pack for helping people to maintain their nonspecific immunity and their internal balance in a world that is growing increasingly stressful.

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