Day: July 8, 2012

Dad Got a Pretty Good Bonk on the Head!


In June I accidentally bumped my head on the overhead hatchback of our old blue caravan while I was loading boxes of seaweed in the dark. I developed a subdural hematoma and Sarah and Nina saved my life, taking me to the hospital. They sat with me for six days in intensive care. I’m not stabilized yet. I’m still bleeding. Right now, we’re using drug therapy to strengthen my dura, and then we’ll decide if I have to have further surgery. Now, especially, your positive thoughts and prayers can make a difference.

As many of you know, I’ve always used the power of prayer, holding a positive image and intention while taking positive actions. What else could you say about me when I get up at two in the morning to harvest kelp in the dark, three miles from home? I’m working for you!



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