Day: July 22, 2012

Older Sister, Younger Brother

Seaweed is flexible, tenacious, and immersed in the deep pulses of watery consciousness held in the depths of our blue planet. Since my life is integrated with these patterns of wholeness, my healing of this recent “head bonk” (subdural hematoma) is progressing smoothly. Immersed in the deep pulses of ocean/universe, I am flexible and tenacious. I feel much gratitude for the prayers and letters of support filled with positive advice and information that you have sent my way via the post, the internet, and the Cosmic Internet. Thank you from my heart.


Today I am on the road with Nina. We are traveling to Basking Ridge NJ to the summer macrobiotic conference where I will be presented the Aveline Kushi award for 40 years of service to the macrobiotic community. More about that later.


I promised you a soup recipe, and it comes with a love story. Love as in “We will be dependable people for each other. We will support each other’s growth and differentiation apart from ourselves. We will remain immersed in the realm of affectionate talk and kind, sensuous touch. We will transcend gender differences and focus our relationship in the realm of the heart.” Paba and Maduma. Older sister, younger brother.

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