Dulse 1#


One pound

Palmaria palmata

The 2023 dulse is now sold out We will have the new 2024 batch of dulse available for sale starting in August. Dulse is delicious in salads or for eating as is.  Dulse contains iron and lysine as well as the full range of minerals found in all seaweeds. You can also find dulse as a part of our Variety Packs.

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Dulse Overview

Freshly harvested and dried dulse is too tough for most people to chew. The secret of tender dulse is a bit like aging cheese. The dulse is spread out in the early morning hours to soak up a bit of humidity from the air, and then it is packed away tightly for a few weeks. This kicks off an enzyme process that breaks down the cell walls of the dulse, and the flavors slowly change.


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