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Valerie Cooksley, RN, a leading expert on alternative healing, has written an excellent book entitled Seaweed-Nature’s Secret to Balancing Your Metabolism, Fighting Disease, and Revitalizing Body and Soul. She addresses these ailments and more: Cancer and tumors, radiation toxicity and chemotherapy, viral infections, thyroid imbalance, cellulite, arthritis, constipation, gout, hypertension and cardiovascular disease, kidney and liver disorders, osteoporosis, prostate disease, mineral deficiencies, skin disorders and inflammation. There are good recipes for health and nutrition. If I had to have only one seaweed book on my shelf, this is the book I would have.

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2 thoughts on “A Book Recommendation

  1. Hello, Larch,

    I’ve been eating your seaweed for several years. My friend, Leada Dietz, introduced it to me. I’m orignally from Kittery, Maine, but never ate seaweed until long after I left home and started reading about “alternative” health and nutrition.

    Thanks for this book recommendation. I shall check it out.

    Here in south central PA it looks a lot like Maine when I was a child: late 40’s into the 50’s. We got over 25″ of snow in two storms last week!

    1. Hi Richard,

      The best way to integrate seaweeds into your life is to come here for a visit, and discover where your ocean herbs and sea vegetables come from. My house sleeps 20, and there’s no charge for an overnight stay. In July, August, and September, I take people out to the islands to see the seals, waterbirds, and, of course, the seaweed beds that I’ve harvested in a sustainable manner for the past 40 years.
      Rest in the Light, abide in the Heart. Larch

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