Walking the Talk: Healthy Larch at Age 63

Early in life, even though I have a college degree and have taught school and worked in hospitals, I took a direction to stay in the world of physical labor, doing something productive, to be of real concrete service to the world and to keep me in shape. At age 63, I do not regret that decision. My weight (155 lbs.) and blood pressure (120/68, resting pulse 55) remain the same as when I was in high school, and I still require only 5-6 hours of sleep to feel rested and alert.

I have never bought health insurance, and I have not been in hospital during my adult life, since the time I started cooking for myself in my mid-20’s. In my own kitchen, I use seaweed soup mix because it gives me nonspecific immunity to most of the bacteria and viruses that simply cannot live within my well-mineralized and alkaline bloodstream. I also eat dulse, and its antiviral properties boost my immune system once again. I’ve never had flu. People ask, “Won’t salt raise your blood pressure?” The answer is that salt is not the culprit. Poor quality oil tends to harden and block the circulatory system. I use olive oil for salads, refined sesame oil in the frying pan, and I eat a lot of avocados and fish for beneficial oils. Seaweeds make the circulatory system (and the entire body, for that matter) more flexible, and that helps keep blood pressure normal.

Now you may think that I was born with strong genes, but actually, as a child I had pneumonia four times before age ten, I was given the live polio vaccine and I developed polio as a result! My father was dying at home while I was ages 7,8,9,10. That was a lot to overcome……and I have! After my father died, I prayed to my father’s spirit, asked him to guide me, and my good health in a beautiful place on the planet is the result. There are good reasons to open to ancestors who love us and have passed over into the spiritual world. Traditional cultures teach that those who have loved in this world, then passed over into the spiritual world, have much more clarity, so please don’t think of your ancestors as static images. They are active and evolving rapidly, and we need to offer our gratitude to them for the suffering they endured so that we can be alive and loving in this world right now.


9 thoughts on “Walking the Talk: Healthy Larch at Age 63

  1. Wonderful blog. You should post more as you offer a increasing rare view from a traditional Maritime/New England occupation. I’m looking forward to more posts. If you make them short it’s less of a trial 🙂

    1. My web designer is tutoring me in the art of blogging, and as we go into winter, I will be adding more posts with photos. Thank you for the encouragement.

  2. You are an inspiration. I’m starting up again regularly eating sea plants, a habit I’ve let get lax for too long.
    Yes, we need ALL the trace minerals and eating sea vegetation is such an easy way to maintain them in our bodies. Thank you for waking me up again.

    In gratitude,

  3. What a beautiful website for knowing more about your world. You are an inspiration to me too. I feel like I know you from being able to use your seaweed in my garden and in my meals. Love your wisdom and your stories. Would love more photos and videos if you decide to go with them. I am going to tell more people about your website and seaweed…Wish I lived closer, I would come and visit. Thank you for being in this world, Larch.

    1. Thank you for all the encouragement. I’ll be posting more recipes and photos this winter. My home sleeps 20! I run this business like a CSA (community supported agriculture) and I want people to see where their food comes from. There’s no charge for an overnight stay, so when you get around to it, you’re welcome.

  4. Hi Larch,

    We just wanted to let you know how much enjoyment we’ve had cooking with the family pack over the past year! So many times my son and/or daughter have come to visit, and we’ve put together a soup, chowder or other recipe and added some seaweed to a recipe and enjoyed what is added in flavor and no doubt nutrition as well. I’m going to order a family pack for my son’s family – they devour fresh out of the bag, whether we’re cooking or not. More importantly, I’m hoping my son Nick and I can set up a visit as apprentices next summer – we’ve experienced the normal ups and downs of family life, and I at 55 and he at 29 are at a point that we really enjoy each other’s company. We’d greatly benefit in seeing your business, and I’m sure it would be a great shared experience. My impression is that you have the rare privilege of pursuing a venture in life that brings you great satisfaction. Bravo, and we reap the rewards! All the best in the New Year!

    1. Hi Chuck, I’ll see you next summer! Larch

  5. Larch, I loved your description of your father guiding you. Since someone in my family passed, I have experienced strange occurrences, which my church said to me, “The bible says the dead knowest nothing. If anything spiritual is around you, it is a demon posing as that person and trying to entice you and bring you where he is.” I was very dismayed by this news, because I felt the spirit is helping and loving. Your description has set me free from that. I owe you deeply, because my instinctual feeling was that there is a lot of love and guidance from whatever is there, and now I can welcome it and be peaceful with it. You are a sage.

  6. I am so impressed by your words. It really is the right way. We all need to follow your style.

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