Family Pack


3 pounds

Our most popular item, and the most seaweed for the money. A Family Pack contains individual 8oz bags of kelp, dulse, and digitata,  a 4oz bag each of alaria, and alaria sporophylls, and a pound of our soup mix with many recipes, both raw and cooked. Did you know that ten wet pounds of seaweed dry out to one pound? The Family Pack represents a bushel of wet seaweed, harvested in the proper season, from some of the wildest places on the coast of Maine. 

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The Family Pack like getting a big box of veggies from the sea, filled in proportion to your appetite/demand and depending on what nature has provided in any particular year. If I judge it right (and I usually do), we run out of stock just as the new harvest is coming in.  As long as the seaweeds remain bone dry and are protected from direct light, their shelf life, after you receive them, is at least two years.